John Barrie is bored in his witness protection program in Bristol. A disturbed ex-SAS soldier, he searches for meaning at the bottom of many a glass as madness begins to set in. Then a series of cryptic messages arrive, pulling him into a web of deceit, destruction and disillusionment.


One such note comes with a knock on his door and a chance to find a missing girl; to start over again... as a private investigator.


Meanwhile, his therapist encourages him to put his demons on paper; to write it all out. As John battles with his past, could this writing lead him to find the girl, his future and maybe even the love he craves?


Untethered is a semi-autobiographical crime noir, reminiscent of old noir films like Chinatown and Double Indemnity, exploring themes of identity, isolation and the damaging effects of drink, depression and PTSD.


Untethered is book #1 in the Black Viking Noir Thriller series


Publication Date:  October 13th 2020