A dead body. A dark past. An ordinary man with everything to lose.


Marcus Kemp is a regular beat cop living a normal life in San Diego, California. Until the day he makes a shocking discovery: a dead body in the trunk of a stolen car. Worse, the victim turns out to be the man who abused him as a child.


Marcus instinctively wants to help the killer get away with murder and, disregarding his police oath, will stop at nothing to make it happen. With both his job and freedom in jeopardy, his investigation leads him to an unexpected killer, and Marcus is soon faced with an impossible decision.


Can he finally bury the past before it drags him under?


Publication Date: 16 March 2021


These books are limited, numbered editions, with a signed and dedicated book plate. Please request your dedication in the comments box when ordering.




"An interesting plot that takes several dizzying twists and turns." -S.A. Cosby, author of Blacktop Wasteland


"I was hooked right away. Like a *big* hook, and no matter how hard I fought, there was no getting away. Curtis Ippolito brings pure, raw pain to the page, and then sears it until it's third-degree noir. Keep 'em coming." -Anthony Neil Smith, author of Slow Bear


"No amount of SoCal sunshine can burn away the traumas of the past. Marcus Kemp takes his place in the pantheon of battle-damaged California noir heroes, anti or otherwise, in a compelling tale of one man facing his own pain." -Brian Asman, author of Jailbroke


"Dive into this dark, noir thriller echoing the best works of Hammett and Lehane, but is altogether original in story and execution. Ippolito’s words hit dead-center, like a trained marksman picking off targets." -Stephen J. Golds, author of Always the Dead


"Classic crime fiction with a 21st century edge." -Paul D. Brazill