Not your average crime thriller

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

We started Red Dog Press to feed our passion for reading thrillers with a twist. We wanted to find new voices, both authors and characters, and give them the chance to shine. As a team, we are obsessed with crime, mystery and thriller, but we tend to enjoy our dastardly tales with a twist of something else.

We're not talking about a twisty ending—that's standard. No, what makes us happy is a surprising and original angle on a familiar theme, and characters whose jobs allow them to get into scrapes without them having to follow procedure.

We love a twisty, creepy mystery, and we love a clever sci-fi. We adore edge-of-the-seat reads that keep us guessing from start to finish. We like bending genre, blending worlds, and upending tradition.

What makes you fall in love with a book? What raises it above the norm? What does it take to make you want to tell your friends? Tell us what makes you tick.


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