We're gonna need a bigger kennel.

With the excitement barely abated after last week's new author announcement, we are thrilled to report that we have another fantastic author moving into the Red Dog kennel. Meet Chris McDonald—the latest signing to our rapidly growing list. We are thrilled that Chris chose us to help him bring his insanely tense thriller, A Wash of Black, to market early next year. It's going to knock your socks off.

"Wait. Who is this Chris guy?" I hear you ask. Well, let me tell you...

Originally hailing from the north coast of Northern Ireland and now residing in South Manchester, Chris McDonald has always been a reader. At primary school, The Hardy Boys inspired his love of adventure, before his reading world was opened up by Chuck Palahniuk and the gritty world of crime.

He tells us that A Wash of Black is his first attempt at writing a book. And if this is his first attempt, we can not wait to see what comes next.

Speaking of which, did we mention we're signing him for his second book too? No? Well we are. All I Hear Are Whispers is right up our street too.

But, first things first—what's A Wash of Black all about?

Sometimes it’s not life that imitates art. It’s death.

When the body of a famous actress is found mutilated on an ice rink in Manchester, recreating a scene from a blockbuster film she starred in years ago, DI Erika Piper must find the celebrity killer. Having recently returned to work after suffering a near fatal attack herself, she must once again prove her worth. But when another body is found, and the killer issues a chilling threat to Erika, she must put her demons aside and crack the case, or suffer the deadly consequences.

Apparently, Chris came up with the initial idea for A Wash of Black whilst feeding his baby in the middle of the night, which may not be the best thing to admit considering the content, but it makes perfect sense once you've read it.

What else do we know about Chris? Well, he's a fan of 5-a-side football, heavy metal and dogs. I mean, we like the last one, obviously.

A Wash of Black and All I Hear Are Whispers will be the first two in a hopefully long-running series of DI Erika Piper thrillers.

More news of A Wash of Black will follow shortly, but for now we are delighted to spill the beans on our new signing. So, back off everyone else, Chris McDonald is one of our authors now. Welcome to the family, Chris!

Give him a wave and a follow on twitter: @cmacwritescrime


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