The end of the beginning.

Here at Red Dog Towers, we love a good blog tour, so it's always sad to see one come to an end. But end they inevitably must, and so, as we bid farewell to the A Wash of Black tour bus, and try to delete all those incriminating photographs, all that remains to be said is thank you.

To Chris, thank you for writing a wonderful book that has already provoked such a great response. We know this one will fly! We are inordinately proud to be your publisher, and we cannot wait to see the first draft of the next Erika Piper novel. (Hint hint...)

Now, to our blogger army! A huge, massive, tail-waggingly, over-excited thank you to everyone who took the time to read, review and share the love for Chris's stunning debut. You have helped to launch this young author's career, and I hope that you are proud of your part in his success, because we couldn't do this without your support.

The wonderful thing about getting to know our bloggers is that we are fully aware of how hard you work and how much you have to juggle, while still taking the time to read, consider and review our author's work, for free, for fun, despite life often trying to get in the way. Illness, anxiety, house moves, lost internet, lost pets, interminable finance meetings, lost jobs, found jobs, essay deadlines, insomnia, more illness, floods, and twitter storms all tried to stop us, but you wonderful bloggers kept the bus rolling with cheer and grace. So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

To everyone who entered our competition, thank you! The winner – drum roll please – is Ruth Harwood! Go congratulate her on twitter (@ruth120067).

And if you didn't win, we still have plenty of copies for sale in our store, and they come beautifully hand-wrapped. Buying direct from an Indie like us means more cash in our author's pockets.

If you're in a bookclub, give us a shout, because we can do you a deal!

Right, we're off to start getting the next launch ready... stay tuned folks.

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