Story Development and Editing Services

Our experienced and qualified editors will work with you to shape your story, characters and plot.

Editorial Assessment Report

We will assign the right development editor to your story from our pool of highly experienced professional editors. An editorial assessment report is an incredibly useful first overview of your manuscript by a professional editor, providing considered, detailed feedback about plot, characterisation, style, and structure. The aim of the assessment report is to provide you with a detailed and unbiased report from an industry professional which identifies the strengths and weaknesses within your manuscript, and offers invaluable advice for moving forward to bring out the very best in your story. 

Cost: From £1 per 1,000 words

Developmental Edit

If you're already confident with your story, your plot and your characters, we can provide the next step for you in the progression of your manuscript—The Developmental Edit. Also known as a structural edit, the developmental edit is an in-depth review of your full manuscript. Our editors will provide constructive, detailed feedback on everything from plot and character to language use and grammar. With your target audience in mind, the developmental edit will help to shape your work in relation to professional industry standards. You can expect suggestions for substantial reshaping here, and you will need to be prepared to take these suggestions in the spirit they are intended—constructively. This will take your book to the next level. The price includes 2 'passes' at your manuscript, so that you get the same level of detail on the revised draft as you do on the first draft.

Cost: From £5 per 250 word page.

Copy Edit

Your manuscript is as good as it's going to be, plot and character wise, but is it ready to go to print? Hell no! Your manuscript will need going over with a fine-tooth comb. The Copy Edit exposes bad grammar, typos, faulty spelling and glaring inconsistencies. The copy edit can make the difference between your manuscript appearing professional or not. A night sky in the daytime? A character wearing shorts and a dress? A character that hasn't eaten or slept for about 4 days? We'll catch them all.

Cost: From £4 per 250 word page.

Proof Edit

Proofreading is the final stage in the editing process, and equally important. Dotting and crossing those Is and Ts, adding or removing commas and apostrophes, checking for consistent use of double, single, curly or straight quotes, looking at your spelling and grammar, checking your em and en dashes. The Devil is in the detail, and we love detail.

Cost: From £2 per 250 word page.

Formatting and Typesetting

Your manuscript is word perfect, but now you need to prepare it for print or eBook. We can help.

If only publishing a book were as simple as sending off your MS Word file into the ether, pressing print, and waiting for the pounds to roll in. It's not, but we can help you make it a lot easier, by taking the pain out of formatting and typesetting your book for each format you want to publish in.


No matter how good your story, bad formatting and typesetting will put readers off. Even the best cover can't hide the sins of badly formatted content. To compete in the professional market, you must look professional.


We can take your finished manuscript and provide you with fully formatted versions of all the file formats you need to publish as eBook, Paperback and Hardback.


If you sign up to the Premium Service, you'll even get up to 3 further revisions (should you need them) included in the price, because we all make mistakes, right?

Cost: £30 for 1 file format  |  £40 for 2 file formats  |  £50 for 3 file formats.

Premium Deal:  £75 for all file formats, including 3 revisions (per format) at any time up to 1 year.