Author T.S. Hunter packs a lot of story and great characterisation into its 125 pages. It maintains a high pace throughout, and has a genuine heart.

This is a quick, well written read that moves at pace and really brings the 80s to life. The characters are well drawn and the plot is clever. Highly recommended.

Kudos to Hunter for creating a read that caters for the lover of easy, cosy, crime and also the food for thought readers.

Aside from making me feel just a little old, I found this an exciting and superbly paced introduction to the series. The characters are rounded and engaging, the plot is tight, and the world is evocative. I want them all, and I want them now!

A brilliantly written book, that I read in one sitting. I really went on a journey with Joe and Russell...

There is a balance to the writing that makes Tainted Love so engrossing, classic noir written in a really modern fashion but set in 80s London. We have influences across 70 years or more condensed into one gripping tale.